About Us

"Our mission is to bring you the finest selection of music, competitive prices and outstanding customer service."

ScreamingCD.com is now Screaming Entertainment - welcome to our entirely new customer experience!

Just like Screaming CD, Screaming Entertainment is the result of several people coming together with the same vision and goal: a love for music and the belief that nothing can replace the feeling of owning and touching the physical product that your favorite musicians and icons created for your enjoyment and pleasure. 

We believe that all music is the thread that binds moments and memories, which will mark special milestones and times in all of our lives. Our staff is comprised of musicians, recording company personnel and experienced retail buyers with over 40 years of experience in the music industry and retail business.

Remember the feeling when you first open a new CD or vinyl album of your favorite artists? Dropping the needle and being all consumed by the words, melody or crushing riffs. From Black Sabbath to Jay-Z to Mozart, music has and always will be that escape from everyday life or a flash that takes you back to a special moment or time that always seemed to be between just you...and the music.

We really appreciate and thank you for taking the time to check out ScreamingEntertainment.com! We hope you come back often and we look forward to bringing back memories and creating new ones!

Keeping the Music Alive! 

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